Why I like people more than the aurora

I have done very little aurora photography this year. It is surprising considering last year I did it so much but I shifted. I got bored with the aurora. To me every time I saw the aurora, while aways spectacular (plug: come visit), it was just the same. The same thing over and over again.

Sure many will say there are things you can do to make it catchy. Do it by a lake, cabin, with people in it, more landscapes, etc. But there is still a serious lack of story there for me.

What I have found is that I’m looking for more than a photo. I’m looking for a story. Not a hard hitting, top secret story, just any story. It could be the simplest thing because even that simplest little story has a much greater connection for me. 

Riel wife

He wrote a book – And finished it

Boundaries that society puts on us shouldn’t be taken very seriously. It should be said, “if you want to do something, you should do it”.

This is how I approached the book I just sent to the printer. I knew very little about publishing a book. Books are made out to be scary things. Not just anyone can publish a book I thought. That was until I realized – because of the Internet – it was possible.

Not only that but I never thought a book on this topic could be pushished. Who would want to read a book about homeless people? Well it turns out a lot of kind folks. I have realized that many people care about the topic and are interested in the book. This once again proves to me that if you can dream something up, you can make it happen, because chances are there is a whole group of people thinking the same thing but frequently only one person actually acts on it.

That does not mean there won’t be a lot of hard work involved. I certainly put in the hours on the book. Wandering the streets meeting people, taking photos, talking to them. Then transcribing their stories and formalizing them and finally laying it all out in a beautiful book. No easy task for sure. My hours and the hours of those that helped me were many.

But now comes the time for accomplishment, of feeling proud to have produced a product that will enlighten those who read it and help to give a voice to those who would otherwise not feel they have one.

The book, the physical book, made of paper, 10” by 8” in size isn’t even here yet. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the book files went to the printer. Still that feeling of satisfaction overwhelms.


Leonard gina book spread

Artist, Fox and Wide Open Spaces

Marcus Jackson FoxI have said it before, that I’m much more drawn to photographing people. There is something so powerful about capturing them, their surroundings and their personalities.

My dearest friend, Marcus, is an amazing artists and the idea I had in my head to capture part of his style was at night in a dark open space. We found ourselves out on an ice road minutes outside of Yellowknife. There is a single fill flash to camera left and one flash behind him, which created the harsh shadows of the chair.

Down to the snow falling, this image captures exactly what I wanted it to. His stare while clutching the deceased animal, sitting on a chair in the middle of darkness.


How to build a Qamutiq

Over a year ago, a friend of many years from Bathurst Inlet, NU taught me how to build a traditional sled known as a Qamutiq (or Komatik or Komatic). It was great knowledge to learn and I did retain a lot that day, I still would forget something so I did a quick search.

I found these plans how to build a qamutiq online. It appears that a couple organizations, including the Government of Nunavut and the Qikiqtani Inuit Association, put these plans together for others to use.

qamutiq-plansIf you are interested in building your own you can download the plans here (PDF).

The Day Trip to Fort Providence, NWT

This year to celebration the winter solstice, my friend and I, took a day trip to the community of Fort Providence, NWT. It is about a 3 hour drive from Yellowknife.

Along the way you are bound to see many bison grazing along the side of the road. Just past Fort Providence is the Deh Cho Bridge that span across the MacKenzie River. In town there is a nice view of the “big river”, and my favourite the Snowshoe Inn Cafe and Gift Shop. I highly recommend taking the drive to check out this little store.

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

Fort Providence Adventure

buffalo from the jeep

Fort Providence Adventure

My 2013 Year in Review of Photos

Well here we are January 1, 2014. Needless to say I could not find the time in 2013 to put up a year in review of photo, so I have had to settle for the first couple minutes of 2014. I kid you not there are fireworks going off outside of my house right now… I just can’t see them because of the ice fog that surrounds the City

This is just a small compilation of the photos I took in 2013, the people I met, the animals I saw and the places I went.

DSC_0487 DSC_3841 DSC_4855 DSC_0291 (1) DSC_3247 DSC_3030 DSC_0278 DSC_0037 DSC_0087 DSC_0058 DSC_3113 DSC_4691 DSC_0290 DSC_0073 DSC_0960 DSC_0686

Some questions about Government Advertising in Newspapers

This story presents some questions such as:

  1. All the GNWT pulled was their job ads, which was just space on a page that was sold to them by the papers. Anyone could buy this space. Why was this specific paper so dependant on one advertiser?
  2. How can we blame the GNWT for pulling their ads and moving online? Moving online is not something new. It has been happening for years now, reoccurring business planning should come into play to evaluate a situation and a business’ stability.
  3. Why does this article not show statistics of from both sides. Number of jobs found online vs. in print, number of readers of print vs. visitors to the new careers website.

At the end of the day, while it is the Government, it is still business. If you can save money and get better results elsewhere, why wouldn’t you do that?

[Via ‘The life or death of newspapers in the North’ - North - CBC News]

Cooking my first Turkey

I have never cooked a full turkey on my own. Today will be my first time cooking a this glorious bird, in a new oven at that. I’m hosting a misfits Christmas dinner this even. If you know where I live, you could probably come and get some food as well.

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style


First off I needed to figured out how long to cook it. I consulted my dad, who said 30 mins for every pound. Another article online said 16 mins per pound, while a friend said 20 mins per pound. I’m going to go with 20 mins per pound as the average and closely watch the meat thermometer.

I’ll update this post as I go along.

Update #1

I think the biggest thing people screw up when cooking a turkey is removing all the “goodies” inside. Sure, I knew they were there, but when I pulled out the neck and stuck my hand inside the bird, I didn’t think there was anything else. I was wrong. About an hour into the cooking, I reread the directions and noticed the park about fulling out the giblets from the neck area. So that happened.

I don’t know how long the turkey will actually take, so I’m closely watching the thermometer. Before putting the bird in the oven, I lathered it in butter, a lot of butter. I then put a small layering of bacon, because I like bacon.

We are coming on an hour and a half in the over and the bird is almost starting to read a number on the thermometer. I read somewhere to baste the bird every 30 mins. I attempted this but there was very little drippings in the bottom to work with. I’m hoping as the time goes by that more shows up so I can keep this turkey moist.

Also at this point the Turkey is uncovered in the hopes that a nice brown skin is created.


Kyle’s Favourite Foods

Here are my favourite foods. Or my favourite meats.

#5 – Ribs

Beef or pork, it doesn’t matter. Slow cooked, pressure cook or broiled, it doesn’t matter. With lots of sauce or not, it doesn’t matter.

#4 – Turkey (Chicken)

It’s an all around good food and relatively lean.

#3 – Beef

Just all things beef. From the cheapest cut to the finest porterhouse. Steak, roast, it doesn’t matter. Tenderize the crap out of it and marinate it into goodness.

#2 – Bacon

I realize I am shaming myself here when I say it is number 2. Bacon is amazing and great with so many things, but in the end is not a dominate food. You can, but you don’t normally have a main course of bacon. Think about it.

#1 – Ham

I love a good roasted ham. One that just falls apart when you pull your fork across it.

I guess you could say that #2 and #1 could be combined into one epic category of Pork because lets face it, anything pork is my favourite.

I don't know what I'm doing but I think Ron Swanson would approve. #turkeybacon