For the love of cookbooks!

I need to stop buying them, I have enough now. I need to start cooking. Yet every time I go into the book store I stop in the cooking section and drool. I want this one, this one too, oh and this one!

Can’t I have them all!

I have been on a Jamie Oliver kick lately and want to complete my set of his books. So far I have Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie Oliver’s Food Escape and Jamie’s Food Revolution. The ones I am wanting now are Meals in Minutes, which I find very useful, and Cook with Jamie. Then I think I should stop buying his stuff.

I appreciate Jamie’s books more than Gordon Ramsey’s because I think I subconsciously don’t like Ramsey because of his attitude on some of his TV shows. I’ve always seen Jamie as a happy-go-lucky cook. That being said I do have one of Ramsey’s books and it is quite good.

Speaking of British cooks though, here is something I have noticed. They don’t use a lot of beef. Here in Canada we have a lot of beef and I tend to think it is one of the most common meats to use here, but that isn’t the case across the pond. They use lamb and more seafood – I live in Northern Canada there isn’t much seafood here – which is stuff I don’t see myself cooking on an average day.

So my next steps, after going through all the books I now have, are to try to find some more “Canadian” cook’s with book. I have a Guy Fieri book, but he is a little extreme, I do like him though, so I am wondering about Michael Smith. I know he isn’t Canadian, but he might be more on my level.

Two questions for you now: Who is your favourite Chef? and What is your favourite cookbook?




  • Macwiebe

    For Canadian chefs look at David Adjey and Lynn Crawford

    • KyleWith

      Coo, thanks. I think he has hosted a couple shows on the Food Network as well.