My take on telling the stories of others.

Bob Heath

By now most people know that a plane is missing in Antarctica. On that plane is northern pilot Bob Heath. Who I met Bob back in July 2012, I wrote a story about him here on this blog. The guy made a lasting impression on me, and so I wanted to share it with everyone.

I had no idea that he would go missing. And I only hope that he is all right and that he returns to the north safely.

As news broke that he was the pilot of the plane that was missing I started to get more calls from media outlets about my brief encounter with Bob. And while I didn’t feel like I was in the place to speak about Bob, only having met him once, I did speak with several media outlets.

It occurred to me that the reason I was doing it was because I like to tell stories of the people that I meet. The world is filled with extraordinary people but we often don’t meet them or even hear about them.

Bob was one of those people that I thought everyone should know about. His passion for not only flying but also a north combined with his witty humour and his happy-go-lucky mentality is something that is rarely found in people anymore and so because of that I felt the need to share that. Today especially.

So my hope by talking about Bob and telling the nation about the one day that I spent with Bob in July was because I’m very proud of him and I think people should know about how great a man he is.

these hidden heroes are all around us, and every day I’m wondering who on one of the next and that’s partly why I blog about who I meet because everybody has a story and I will provide everybody with a platform to share that story because you never know who’s can read that story.

I don’t quite know if this post makes any sense. The bottom line however is there that there is a lot of people whose stories should be told and I’m glad that I got to tell Bob’s even if the story was just from one day.