Inspiring a story

My hobbies can jump quite a bit these days. One day I’m all about food, while the next I’m obsessed with writing and Yellowknife. Today it was writing. It is Friday evening, I have a headache and Netflix.

When I get in these inspiration modes I generally go looking for a movie to watch, this evenings was Finding Forester. Surprisingly I haven’t seen the movie before and in someways I’m really glad I hadn’t seen it up until now. It was released in 2000, I would have been 10 years old. Now, 12 years later, and I have a much bigger appreciation for people and writing I am able to connect with the characters better.

Watching this movie and reflecting on the weeks past solidifies for me what I mentioned in my last deep and thoughtful post, I’m a storyteller. Whether with video, audio and written word.