Last night was unreal

Last night, on a Friday night, I had the most wonderful time just taking in Yellowknife and the North. It will never get old and I will say it over and over and over and you will get tired of hearing it from me but it is oh so true.

If you are bored, just leave.

My evening started when a friend and I grabbed a quick dinner and our cameras and headed out. We didn’t know where we were going but I wanted to trying push forward with my project about recording the stories of many of Yellowknife street people.

I was absolutely blown away, and I have done this several times now, how welcoming, polite and generous many people are when I approach. I thank them for their time. I only hope they know how much I appreciate the conversations I have. Throughout the 2.5 hours we walked the streets we met many people. For the last hour we were down town we spent it with someone very special to me. We sat down with him and just had a blast talking about so much and I am so blessed to be called his friend. I can’t wait to tell this mans story, he is truly a wonder soul.

Happy playing Harmonica on Yellowknife streetsWe left downtown eventually and headed towards Pontoon Lake where we were going to set up for some aurora shooting.

As we pulled up to “the spot” a large lanky looking dog trotted out from the shore of the lake onto the road. Only thing was this wasn’t a dog, it was a white wolf. A beautiful creature. He slowly meandered across the road, checking us out. It was to dark for a photo but he ¬†crossed the road and walked up a rock face onto a hill. Standing there staring at us, all we could see was his outline as a silhouette against the ever fading blue sky. It was special.

I often feel like I have this small gift for showing up at places exactly at the right time to get the best show of Northern Lights. After the wolf left, we pulled in and setup. As soon as we did the aurora just took off, dancing, twisting, sparkling and moving. Green and purple. It was a show that you’d think cost lots of money. Who is the lighting genius that created this number.

Aurora Yellowknife - Kyle Thomas15 minutes later it was over.

Nights like this don’t happen very often but boy am I feeling good that I got to experience all that.



  • Philippe Morin

    Great to see you living fully and enjoying Yellowknife. A great city! Cheers from Whitehorse