Cooking my first Turkey

I have never cooked a full turkey on my own. Today will be my first time cooking a this glorious bird, in a new oven at that. I’m hosting a misfits Christmas dinner this even. If you know where I live, you could probably come and get some food as well.

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style


First off I needed to figured out how long to cook it. I consulted my dad, who said 30 mins for every pound. Another article online said 16 mins per pound, while a friend said 20 mins per pound. I’m going to go with 20 mins per pound as the average and closely watch the meat thermometer.

I’ll update this post as I go along.

Update #1

I think the biggest thing people screw up when cooking a turkey is removing all the “goodies” inside. Sure, I knew they were there, but when I pulled out the neck and stuck my hand inside the bird, I didn’t think there was anything else. I was wrong. About an hour into the cooking, I reread the directions and noticed the park about fulling out the giblets from the neck area. So that happened.

I don’t know how long the turkey will actually take, so I’m closely watching the thermometer. Before putting the bird in the oven, I lathered it in butter, a lot of butter. I then put a small layering of bacon, because I like bacon.

We are coming on an hour and a half in the over and the bird is almost starting to read a number on the thermometer. I read somewhere to baste the bird every 30 mins. I attempted this but there was very little drippings in the bottom to work with. I’m hoping as the time goes by that more shows up so I can keep this turkey moist.

Also at this point the Turkey is uncovered in the hopes that a nice brown skin is created.


Kyle’s Favourite Foods

Here are my favourite foods. Or my favourite meats.

#5 – Ribs

Beef or pork, it doesn’t matter. Slow cooked, pressure cook or broiled, it doesn’t matter. With lots of sauce or not, it doesn’t matter.

#4 – Turkey (Chicken)

It’s an all around good food and relatively lean.

#3 – Beef

Just all things beef. From the cheapest cut to the finest porterhouse. Steak, roast, it doesn’t matter. Tenderize the crap out of it and marinate it into goodness.

#2 – Bacon

I realize I am shaming myself here when I say it is number 2. Bacon is amazing and great with so many things, but in the end is not a dominate food. You can, but you don’t normally have a main course of bacon. Think about it.

#1 – Ham

I love a good roasted ham. One that just falls apart when you pull your fork across it.

I guess you could say that #2 and #1 could be combined into one epic category of Pork because lets face it, anything pork is my favourite.

I don't know what I'm doing but I think Ron Swanson would approve. #turkeybacon

Food of Victoria, BC

I was in Victoria, BC two weeks ago and got to try out some of the islands fabulous food. Here are some of the places I got to try. If you have recommendation, let me know I’ll be back in November.

Bin 4 Burger

The next time you go to McDonald’s and get a cheese burger I want you to look at yourself in a mirror with disgust. Bin 4 does burgers right, and they have so much selection. This ain’t your pop’s ketchup and mustard burger. These are “make your taste buds go wild” burgers.

Oh and I can’t forget the greens. The salad I got, which will remain nameless because I don’t know it, was amazing. I credit the vinaigrette, I should have asked the recipe.

Going to get an early supper on.

Dirty Bourbon Burger with an amazing goat cheese salad. #food #yyj

Stage Wine Bar

If I were to ever use the word “divine” to describe a dish of food, it would be a dish from Stage Wine Bar. It was simple divine. Each dish was small, with bite size portions. It was perfect for the tapas experience or for a foodie like myself.

This scallop risotto was only one of 5 dishes we had. I would go back. I will be going back.

Foodie I may be, but this was one of several dishes we tried at the stage. Just marvellous.

West Coast Waffle

WCW, as I’m calling it, is a bright, high energy, hip, west coast feel waffle joint located in downtown Victoria. From breakfast to dinner this place can serve up what you want on a waffle.

I had the BBQ Chicken, and it was something else. The zing of the BBQ chicken with the cheese melted on top, all combined with the fluffy and slightly crunchy – fresh – waffle.

Eating me waffle.

Ali Baba Pizza

This is my must go to joint in Victoria when I visit. Whether it is to sit in or to grab and head out. I love this pizza. It is exactly what I want my pizza to taste like. A good solid crust with just the right amount of ingredients with the right kind of cheese.

Late night pizza stop.

Where to next?

My Parents Basement: The Halloween Edition

Muchnies FoodThe little NorthwesTel Community TV show I help make is onto its second episode, which aired last week. With Halloween approaching it only seemed fitting to do a Geek’s version of Halloween.

I got myself on a little bit of a high for this episode, I was asked to review all the Halloween candy out there. This was a challenge I was willing to accept. So 270 pieces of candy later I was bouncing off walls and shortly after I crashed hard with stomach pains.

The show is about 30mins long but to jump right to my Munchies segment click here.

Follow the Community Channel on Facebook for the next episode, cause I got something special cooking!


A Bacon Weave perfect for a sandwich

The idea must have come from Pinterest, as that seems to be origins of all my cooking ideas lately but none the less it is a good idea.

That idea being to weave strips of bacon into the perfect size for a sandwich and then bake it.

I always keep a stock pile of bacon in my freezer just incase of emergencies but you can go to the store and get yourself a pound of regular bacon. I then cut the bacon in the middle, halving the strips into little strips, which are around the length of a piece of bread.

You just simply have to weave those trips 3 by 3. The resulting weave should be about the size of a piece of bread. I laid them out on a cookie sheet with tinfoil.

I cooked the weaves on a broil in the oven and flipped them over when I felt they were cooked on one side.

That is it. It is perfect for putting in the fridge and pulling out when you want to have a sandwich.

It is especially good on those leftover turkey sandwiches.

We had Thanksgiving at my house

For the past two years I have been away from home for Thanksgiving but I didn’t mind, I really enjoyed myself. Both times I was taken in by someone else and took part in what I call a Misfits Thanksgiving, where most of the people have no family in the community but come together with friends. I am very thankful for those people.

So this year I wanted to host my own. We had a small group of us who enjoyed the most amazing meal ever. I don’t think I have experienced a more relaxing day in a long time, than I did on that Saturday.

You will note in my many photos below that most of them have my good friend, James Rubec, in them. He was by the house most of the day prepping and cooking Roxanne, our turkey. While I wasn’t taking photos I cooked up several dishes of my own, there is just no evidence of that happening.

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife StyleThanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife StyleThanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife StyleThanksgiving Yellowknife Style

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style

For the 6 of us we had so much food and my fridge is completely packed the morning after. Besides the turkey and stuffing that James cooked, I cooked my famous Scallop Potatoes and a Sweet Potato Pie… and bread that we forgot to eat. We also had maple glazed brussels sprouts, a nice fresh salad, a thanksgiving pizza and a homemade Pumpkin Cheese Cake.

The day, the food and the evening we all amazing. I’m thankful that it all happened.


The Mac and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I had this idea awhile ago to make this sandwich but then it occured to my while making it that a local street food vender, Wiseguy Foods, mught have a similar sandwich but anyways.

This bad boy is a combination of traditional Kraft Dinner or Macaroni and Cheese (with ham added to it) with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is pretty easy to make.

First thing I did was make the mac and cheese and added the ham. I then sliced to thick pieces of my homemade bread and buttered one side of each piece. Slapped some mac and cheese in between and let it grill on low.

The Mac n Grilled Cheese

You have to make sure the mac and cheese is thick enough it wont fall apart. This sure does taste good. Dip it in a bit of BBQ sauce and you are golden pony boy.