Cooking my first Turkey

I have never cooked a full turkey on my own. Today will be my first time cooking a this glorious bird, in a new oven at that. I’m hosting a misfits Christmas dinner this even. If you know where I live, you could probably come and get some food as well.

Thanksgiving Yellowknife Style


First off I needed to figured out how long to cook it. I consulted my dad, who said 30 mins for every pound. Another article online said 16 mins per pound, while a friend said 20 mins per pound. I’m going to go with 20 mins per pound as the average and closely watch the meat thermometer.

I’ll update this post as I go along.

Update #1

I think the biggest thing people screw up when cooking a turkey is removing all the “goodies” inside. Sure, I knew they were there, but when I pulled out the neck and stuck my hand inside the bird, I didn’t think there was anything else. I was wrong. About an hour into the cooking, I reread the directions and noticed the park about fulling out the giblets from the neck area. So that happened.

I don’t know how long the turkey will actually take, so I’m closely watching the thermometer. Before putting the bird in the oven, I lathered it in butter, a lot of butter. I then put a small layering of bacon, because I like bacon.

We are coming on an hour and a half in the over and the bird is almost starting to read a number on the thermometer. I read somewhere to baste the bird every 30 mins. I attempted this but there was very little drippings in the bottom to work with. I’m hoping as the time goes by that more shows up so I can keep this turkey moist.

Also at this point the Turkey is uncovered in the hopes that a nice brown skin is created.


Kyle’s Favourite Foods

Here are my favourite foods. Or my favourite meats.

#5 – Ribs

Beef or pork, it doesn’t matter. Slow cooked, pressure cook or broiled, it doesn’t matter. With lots of sauce or not, it doesn’t matter.

#4 – Turkey (Chicken)

It’s an all around good food and relatively lean.

#3 – Beef

Just all things beef. From the cheapest cut to the finest porterhouse. Steak, roast, it doesn’t matter. Tenderize the crap out of it and marinate it into goodness.

#2 – Bacon

I realize I am shaming myself here when I say it is number 2. Bacon is amazing and great with so many things, but in the end is not a dominate food. You can, but you don’t normally have a main course of bacon. Think about it.

#1 – Ham

I love a good roasted ham. One that just falls apart when you pull your fork across it.

I guess you could say that #2 and #1 could be combined into one epic category of Pork because lets face it, anything pork is my favourite.

I don't know what I'm doing but I think Ron Swanson would approve. #turkeybacon

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Food of Victoria, BC

I was in Victoria, BC two weeks ago and got to try out some of the islands fabulous food. Here are some of the places I got to try. If you have recommendation, let me know I’ll be back in November.

Bin 4 Burger

The next time you go to McDonald’s and get a cheese burger I want you to look at yourself in a mirror with disgust. Bin 4 does burgers right, and they have so much selection. This ain’t your pop’s ketchup and mustard burger. These are “make your taste buds go wild” burgers.

Oh and I can’t forget the greens. The salad I got, which will remain nameless because I don’t know it, was amazing. I credit the vinaigrette, I should have asked the recipe.

Going to get an early supper on.

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Dirty Bourbon Burger with an amazing goat cheese salad. #food #yyj

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Stage Wine Bar

If I were to ever use the word “divine” to describe a dish of food, it would be a dish from Stage Wine Bar. It was simple divine. Each dish was small, with bite size portions. It was perfect for the tapas experience or for a foodie like myself.

This scallop risotto was only one of 5 dishes we had. I would go back. I will be going back.

Foodie I may be, but this was one of several dishes we tried at the stage. Just marvellous.

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West Coast Waffle

WCW, as I’m calling it, is a bright, high energy, hip, west coast feel waffle joint located in downtown Victoria. From breakfast to dinner this place can serve up what you want on a waffle.

I had the BBQ Chicken, and it was something else. The zing of the BBQ chicken with the cheese melted on top, all combined with the fluffy and slightly crunchy – fresh – waffle.

Eating me waffle.

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Ali Baba Pizza

This is my must go to joint in Victoria when I visit. Whether it is to sit in or to grab and head out. I love this pizza. It is exactly what I want my pizza to taste like. A good solid crust with just the right amount of ingredients with the right kind of cheese.

Late night pizza stop.

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Where to next?