Doing it all.

I’ve read many book about the establishment of northern mining towns and I love them. I read the stories of different people who have adapted to their environment and who weren’t afraid to do whatever they needed to to survive. Many, it seems, ended up doing things they weren’t necessarily educated … [Read more...]

Why can’t I work anywhere!

Earlier today a web development company, much like the one I work for here in Fort St. John put it out on twitter, that they were looking for a web manager. Now I have no idea what that includes, but it did bring up some ideas. photo © 2008 Dru Bloomfield | more info (via: Wylio) I re-tweeted it … [Read more...]

When the Sun is Shining

Today reminded me of my childhood. It was a bright, sunny, crisp winter day here in Fort St John and it reminded me of home. As I was driving up and down streets I would see Father and Son shovelling snow, possibly making a "snow fort." Sometimes I'm afraid to grow up, to leave family behind. … [Read more...]

Just Good Enough

I love trying to be creative and smart, but at the end of the day the content like videos and blog posts I create are not as good as they could be. Someone is always doing the same thing better. Yes I know I mustn't compare myself to others, but seriously who doesn't. I often times have ideas in my … [Read more...]

Next Weekend

I keep sending article to Instapaper with the intentions of reading them later. That is after all the idea of the website. I keep thinking, well next weekend I will sit down and read them. I send a lot of blog post ideas there, so I can come back to them. I have this idea that I will be in the mind … [Read more...]

Build Courage For Life

I finally got around to watching Pirates of Silicon Valley, right after I watching The Social Network again. These two movies, although somewhat fiction, both inspire me. They both show me, that if you have an idea run with it, and don't look back. Unfortunately I don't think I will have the next … [Read more...]