Doing it all.

I’ve read many book about the establishment of northern mining towns and I love them. I read the stories of different people who have adapted to their environment and who weren’t afraid to do whatever they needed to to survive.

Many, it seems, ended up doing things they weren’t necessarily educated in doing or had planned to do but did them because either someone asked them to or that particular thing just needed to be done.

I cherish this mentality and it feeds my constant wandering mind of ideas. 

Heck I can go from planning a piece on Yellowknife to baking bread to building a website to planning a content strategy. Why settle for just one thing?

How to do everything

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I am what I watch on TV

Okay maybe this is a bad thing, but I don’t follow shows, I wait until they are all done and watch them in bulk by season. Watching TV is my mind numbing way of turning off my brain. I actually normally watch TV while baking or while I write blog posts, like right now.

When I watch these shows, in bulk, I tend to absorb them and associate them into my everyday life. Let me give you two examples.

Bakering bad

Mad Men

Well this is an easy one. They ran an advertising agency in the 60′s and 70′s and I work at a marketing agency here in Yellowknife. Despite it being based in the past and, well, a tv show, there were similarities. When I was working on a projects scenes from the show sometimes pop into my head. Things like how to work with clients, manage things, pitch ideas, etc. Now I’m not saying that I use it as a guidebook, but sometime it helps to think about things in a different way. 

Breaking Bad

It took me a long time to get into Breaking Bad, but now I’m hooked. When I started watching the show I was in full force at the Yellowknife Farmers’ Market. I was making the only locally made bread, producing about 100 loaves a week, and I was damn good at it. There was excitement, thrill, long nights and stress to meet quotas. I was known to many as the bread guy. All of which you could say about Walter White and his blue meth. Weird I know, but when I find myself in the kitchen weighing out different measurements that when combined make an unbelievable product.


Well I just started Season 8. It has been a while since I watch Season 7 so I don’t recall how I associated this secret serial killer with myself… so we’ll have to see where this goes.

What TV show do you associate with your life?

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So this is my 2012 Blog Post

It seems like the traditional thing to do, write a 2012 blog post. I see many other bloggers doing it, like Chris Brogan and his random 3 words of 2012 and Lisa Bettany and her Photographers Resolutions. Figured I could take a stab at it.

What was 2011

Lets reflect, for a second, on what happened in 2011. I think one of the first things I tried doing was the Photo-a-Day project and that didn’t work, so I wont try again.

I was learning lots living in Fort St. John, my role at Motion Media, from what I knew, was going well. After the success of my first big Social Media Workshop I was geared to do more, so off we went to Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson. I wouldn’t say they were huge successes, but successful enough and I was enjoying it. I learned that teaching is one of my strong points, I enjoy it and appreciate the outcome. I was also picking up more photography work and was even taking on more of a project management role. It was good fun.

The biggest thing for me in 2011 was that I lived independently from my parents for an entire year. I lived in 3 different places in Fort St. John before settling into my current tiny apartment. I have come to learn I love my own place, I love my own space and I’m picky about it. I even generally refuse to live with a roommate unless I know them before, I don’t like just roommates, I rather live with friends. I also don’t think I could live with my parents again for very long. I love them, I respect them, but their house is not mine and we do not live the same.

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Welcome 2012

First and foremost, happy new year. I hope this year, the year of the dragon, brings you joy, prosperity and wealth.

2011 left me with a lot of changes and undecided paths to take. So I foresee 2012, for me, will be the year of change and development. I will continue to do what I love, even if it may become difficult. I will be challenged, in new ways, ways that will better me in the future. I may fail at somethings, but as many have been quoted saying, that is what you’ll encounter on the path to success. Above all I want to have more self-confidence.

And speaking self-confidence, in 2012 I want to put myself out there more socially. Sounds a little awkward, I know, but for me making friends takes a lot and I want to overcome that. I need to have more of a personality in real life, give people a chance and not hide away in my home.

Honestly, going into 2012 has me nervous more than anything else. New things, of any kind have me on edge. And change, however good it is, scares me, I’m much more of a routine guy, that has been stated.

Anyways, whatever path you are on and whatever I take, I hope we cross paths at some point along our way.

Cheers to 2012.

Why can’t I work anywhere!

Earlier today a web development company, much like the one I work for here in Fort St. John put it out on twitter, that they were looking for a web manager. Now I have no idea what that includes, but it did bring up some ideas.

House on a Truckphoto © 2008 Dru Bloomfield | more info (via: Wylio)

I re-tweeted it and then a lot of other people in Yellowknife were suggesting that I apply. I’m of course torn, I have such a good job down here in Fort St. John and an awesome friend space, although small. This got me thinking a lot about Yellowknife, and I can say that I do dearly miss it.

I miss my family, I think I have to say that. I miss the rocks and the lakes. I miss the atmosphere, the city in a small town. I miss a lot of things about Yellowknife, I do want to go back someday. I just don’t know when that will be.

This got me thinking though, why can’t I go back. Why can’t I do it I’m doing now and work from wherever I want. I decided to take a look at what I do in a day. I answer e-mails, I talk to clients, I act as technical support, I work with websites and I create content. There are other things that I do, but those of the gist of things. From what I can tell most of those things can be done from anywhere, after all we do work in the world of the Internet. With technologies like Skype and GoToMeeting, it should be perfectly possible for me to work remotely. I should be able to Skype consulting calls with clients as needed.

I’m happy with the position I am in at work and I hope my employer is as well. I hope to develop my position in the future, that will allow me to move around as I need to or as I want to. In my line of business I don’t see why I couldn’t have clients all over the world. I truly believe that’s the way this type of business is going. I don’t want to have to situate myself in one location permanently.

It seems like a lot to ask for a 20-year-old, but if I work towards it I don’t see why wouldn’t be possible. – WMRGUMEAJ3HC -

When the Sun is Shining

Today reminded me of my childhood. It was a bright, sunny, crisp winter day here in Fort St John and it reminded me of home. As I was driving up and down streets I would see Father and Son shovelling snow, possibly making a “snow fort.”

Sometimes I’m afraid to grow up, to leave family behind. Sometimes I’m afraid I will forget all the good times I had with my family as I grew up.

Lovely the neighborhood.

Sometimes you just need to leave a though alone and let it unfold.

My Humbug Christmas Greeting

I don’t know why, but it seems that this Christmas Eve I am not in the mood for Christmas. Heck I’m down right angry at something. What I don’t know, it is just something ripping at my inside.

I love Christmas, the feeling, family, gift giving, and of course food. Not at the moment though. I think this feeling can be contributed to many things. Having to live in my parents house again, still feeling uneasy about the future, anything.

I’ll be brutally honest here and say that being in my parents house again bothers me. Having been out on my own for so long now I’m done being treated like a child. Don’t get my wrong I love my parents. They are my friends, that I respect very much, but there comes a time when I would like to be treated as a adult son, rather than the child I feel like they still treat me as.

There are many other thing that contribute to my anger. Such as the feeling of not knowing where I belong, or always feeling like people don’t value the real me. I hate the feeling of not being accepted, it is what I have felt all my life. Not liking sports, not having many friends in school, not being good one thing, not being over smart. I’m very good at compressing these feelings, letting them not bother me, but eventually, like tonight, I break and just get upset.

Many would ask me what they can do to help, or as what I think the solution is. Truth is there is nothing they can do and there is not simple solution. I just need to continue on not letting things bother me and being true to myself. It is easy enough for people to say “why don’t you go out and meet some people” but that is FLIPPIN hard for me. After growing up like I did it has left me with little self-confidence when it comes to casually meeting people.

Tomorrow will be better though. The family will arise and have a happy Christmas morning, then I will cook an amazing brunch with all you favourites followed by a turkey later in the evening. We will be happy, I will be happy.

Sometimes keeping things bottled up will result in a sudden and momentary change in a person.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just Good Enough

I love trying to be creative and smart, but at the end of the day the content like videos and blog posts I create are not as good as they could be.

Someone is always doing the same thing better. Yes I know I mustn’t compare myself to others, but seriously who doesn’t.

I often times have ideas in my head for a videos, interviews and blog posts, but 1) I  have a hard time getting the ideas out in to a full thought out piece of content, and 2) when I do make the content if is not up to par for my standards and others. I see others create stuff and I love it, they make it look good and for some reason I can’t do the same, at least to the standards I think it should.

I must continue to remind myself that every time I try something I learn from it. Every time I see something I think looks good I should take tips from it for next time.

When I see something that I think is better than something I have done, I go through a couple different stages. At first I will like it, think it is nice. That I will hate it, and myself thinking about how careless I was about what I created and how someone else is always better. Then I will start becoming more realistic and try and forget about it and move on and take a lesson from it. Finally I come to this stage where I think about what I need to take away from it and apply it to the next time.

Eventually I will know how to look, write, produce and create something that I will be comfortable with. Or rather eventually I will come to grips with myself and not let others bother me.

Best Domain for a Road Trip Blog

I mentioned the other day that over the weekend I registered almost 50 domain names. The reason was because my registrar was having a BlackFriday and CyberMonday sale where domains were only $2, so I couldn’t resist. I did have some direction as to what domains I was getting. I have a few ideas for a couple things but wasn’t sure what domains were best. So I will ask you, but first I must explain this idea to help you make your choice.

I already mentioned in an earlier post that I want to take a Social Media Road Trip across North America (or Canada to start.) I want to take a trip that is powered by Social Media. By this I mean I want to talk, meet and listen to people about where to go, what to see and possibly most importantly where to eat. Also though I would like to document everything about where I am. If you hadn’t noticed, I do quite enjoy writing about where I am, the events, the people, the issues, the food, the attractions, anything.

A lot of the details are not worked out, and it will be a long time until I can actually do something like this, but I figure this is ground work. One of the biggest hurtles I will come across is funding. Sure if you are passionate about doing something money shouldn’t be an option but it is always something I stress about. Could I find one company to sponsor me throughout the trip, just advertise on the site or find money somewhere else altogether.

Anyways back to the Domains. Let me help you decide. Although I have some domains with my name in them I am hesitant to use them because I sometimes think I shouldn’t brand something as big as a travel site around my name. But like everything else that is still undecided. I also wonder if I should hold back on calling it “something Roadtrip” because who knows where it could take me. I think it would be fun to head to the Arctic again one day, as I’m very fond the Inuit and their culture. Alas none of this is in stone and this poll is really only a guide and wont be the deciding factor.

[poll id="2"]

Vote for your favourite one and the one that you think is most revenant to what you think I will be doing. Your input is very valuable to me.

Next Weekend

I keep sending article to Instapaper with the intentions of reading them later. That is after all the idea of the website. I keep thinking, well next weekend I will sit down and read them.

I send a lot of blog post ideas there, so I can come back to them. I have this idea that I will be in the mind from when I am done what ever it is I am doing. You know, next weekend when I don’t have this to deal with.

Well that so called weekend never seems to come. I suppose this may be a good thing, I’m always busy and never bored, but a lot of these things I am putting aside are ideas that I really want to explore and see them go further.

I guess one mans brain can only go so far before it hits it capacity.

I’m hoping while I’m back up in Yellowknife for a couple weeks before Christmas I will be able to get some of these ideas laid out. Until then I will continue to store them in my virtual memory. ;)

Build Courage For Life

I finally got around to watching Pirates of Silicon Valley, right after I watching The Social Network again.

These two movies, although somewhat fiction, both inspire me. They both show me, that if you have an idea run with it, and don’t look back.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will have the next big idea or have the means to execute one if I did manage to think of something.

What I see in these stories is courage. These entrepreneurs believed in something and didn’t let anyone stop them and because they believed in something so much it gave them the ability to keep moving forward.

So now I just need to start asking myself, what is it you believe in? What can you do to achieve your goals? What are small steps you can do everyday to get there.

Like I said this morning, I’m only 20, I’ll give myself ten years to come up with the answers.