No TV for February

'Photo_051405_009' photo (c) 2005, Vinnie Lauria - license:’m giving myself a challenge for February and that is to not watch any TV or movies at home. I don’t have cable so I’m already halfway there but I do stream a lot. A lot of Netflix.

The reason for this sudden ambition to stop watching TV – especially in the dead of winter – is because I want to read and write more. There are endless amounts of projects I want to accomplish but when sometimes the mind-numbing drone of a TV is relaxing I feel horribly unproductive, as if I’m not giving 100% or even 90% to the task I’m trying to work on.

One of the areas I want to indulge more on is reading the pile of cookbooks I have no acquired. Look them over and inspire myself to cook fuller, healthier meals, not just bread all the time.

I missed one day, Feb 1, but I’m still determined to accomplish this. And if all goes well, continue down this path of no TV.

No excuse me I’m going to the Theatre to see a movie.